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The United States immigration laws can be quite confusing with a range of categories and sub categories. For people looking for comprehensive legal guidance on US immigration issues, a lawyer for Immigration Attorneys in Los Angeles is the perfect answer.

There are a number of law firms and attorneys in Los Angeles who can provide assistance in a wide range of immigration problems that thousands of people living in the US or willing to move to US face every day. Legal assistance can be provided in all or most of the following:

Waivers of Inadmissibility: Certain immigration applications may be determined inadmissible based on administrative decision against or legal violation by the applicant, like health, criminal charges, fraud, illegal presence, prior deportation etc.

U Nonimmigrant Status: Also known as U visa, it provides immigration protection for victims of criminal activity such as physical and mental violence that violates a US law.

Temporary Protected Status: Temporary visa granted by the Homeland Security to other country national who are temporarily prevented from entry into their own country due to environmental disasters, ongoing armed conflicts etc.

O Visa for Science, Arts and Entertainment: Considered to be the most appropriate immigration process for people with extraordinary ability in the category of fine arts, science and sports.

Removal: It is a civil proceeding by the federal government for the deportation of a non citizen from the US on grounds of unlawful presence and criminal charges.

Adoption Laws: Along with other country specific laws, three sets of laws govern inter country adoption in the US, namely the federal law, law of the US state of residence, law of the child’s country of origin.

National Interest Waiver: A category where a labor certificate may be obtained by fulfilling the requirements to waive the job requirement clause for immigration purpose.

Immigrant Visa for Spouse or Fiancée of a US Citizen: Two categories for entry of foreign spouse or fiancée of a US citizen such as the IR1, CR1 and the non immigrant visa for fiancée or K3

Labor Certificate or PERM: Certain foreign national obtain employment based immigration visa through a labor certificate that requires a petition from the employer after survey of the applicant’s qualifications and the labor market.

Investor Visa: Immigration opportunity for foreign nationals who are interested to invest substantially in targeted employment, unemployment and rural areas, creating at least ten job opportunities for US citizens excluding the investor himself or family.

Green Card: The categories for permanent residence vary depending on the current status of residence of the applicant and are provided in the categories of green card through family, through employment, through refugee or asylum status etc.

When it comes to helping a client with immigration related issues, the more knowledge of the system, the better it is. With experience in huge number of immigration cases, a lawyer for Immigration Attorneys in Los Angeles can provide the most effective legal counseling needed with respect to constant developments in immigration laws and services.

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