5 Type of Fencing Options for Your Home


Fences can make or break the first impression of your home. Fences are more than just to secure space and mark your boundaries. At present, they are widely used to edge the frame of the garden, highlight the landscape and make the frontage appealing. Choosing the right one among multiple options is essential.

Here are some of the top options for you.

Aluminum fencing

It is one of the most basic and attractive fencing options. Though some homeowners do not consider this due to security reasons, it is maintenance free. The only maintenance cost comes in installation when it needs to be painted and decorated. If the weather in your area is not too severe, aluminum is a good option.

Vinyl fencing

When it comes to elite fencing option, nothing is better than picket fencing panels. They are multiple times more flexible than wood fences and is maintenance free. It is very easy to clean them and remove unwanted stains. Though installation of vinyl fence is comparatively higher than other options, its low maintenance cost and long lifespan make it cheaper than other fencing types.

Chain link fence

Chain fencing may not look very appealing, but they perform all the basic function of a fence very well. They are pretty popular among schools as they are cheap, durable and need low maintenance. Homeowners often make them appealing and more private by adding plenty of flowers, shrubs, and vines.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron enables homeowners to install strong and beautiful fences with funky designs on the top. However, they do not provide privacy and need constant up keeping to maintain their beauty. They need to be repainted in every two to three years, depending on how harsh the water is in your locality.

PVC fencing

Using PVC as fence is one of the most economical ways to guard your boundaries. These use PVC instead of wooden stakes and pickets. Though they are not very sturdy, they serve their purpose very well. A few times, PVC sleeves are used on the top of the wooden post to increase stability and cut down the material cost. This type of fencing comes in a large variety of heights and colors. Due to PVC, these fences are resistant to bad weather and adverse elements.

These are some of the top fence options for homeowners. However, before you choose anything, assess your needs and features of the fencing type.


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