A Girl’s Guide to Rave Wear

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Attending a rave or music fest can be a good chance for a fashionista to dress in utmost style. However, it is also a struggling moment to decide what to wear. When you look around a rave or music carnival, everyone seems wrapped in costume. Guys and gals are clad in glitter, bright colored clothes, glowing lights, unique accessories and similar attires. When it comes to guys, they can be easily spotted shirtless with shorts and glitter pasties. With girls, there are immense choices for rave outfit.

Here are some popular options.

Kimono cover-ups

If you don’t want to show much of your skin, kimono cover-ups are ideal apparel to cover yourself. Maybe you want to tone down your skin more before you decide to show off your crop top. Flowy kimono style cover-ups got popular in past few years and can be found in any contemporary design and style. With a yard of sheer fabric and some fringes, it is super easy to create a costume. The covers are also a good way to keep yourself in comfortable temperatures – not too hot. Plus, it is light enough to carry without a hassle.

Light up rave outfits

Light up rave clothing have brought a revolution in rave outfits. They are something that easily lights up and brightens your appearance in a rave. There is a wide range of glistening selection of light up clothing available for hardcore ravers. They look chic, sexy, cool and absolutely stunning. Usually made from luminous fabric and LEDs, light up clothes and accessories are an excellent way to give a much-needed twist to your rave costume.


If you are looking for apparel which is less form-fitting, put on a sundress or skater skirt in bright colors. It will perfectly accentuate your dance moves.


Leggings are not pants and of course when it is rave who need a pant? But, you can put on a bright, eye-catching pair of leggings to show your party mood. Wear them along with or under a tutu for extra coverage.

Tank tops
You can never go wrong with tank tops and rave. They come in a wide range of colors, patterns as well as budget. In addition, they can be paired with anything ranging from low rise, skirts, shorts, high waisted, pants, tutus. It is the simplest, classy way to cover up a little more.

As you see, girls have plenty of choices for rave and music fest.


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