Why Should You Visit a Hammam?

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There are many benefits to visiting a Hammam (Moroccan bath). It can reduce stress, anxiety, and may allow deep relaxation. Let’s look at numerous benefits of going for Moroccan bath Dubai:

• It detoxes you physically and emotionally
• It helps you beautify the body and face. Once you are done with bath, there is no dead skin in your body, and all the toxins from the skin are eliminated
• It also helps you fight acne and also enables you to heal scars and reduce redness
• It provides skin nourishment and rehydrates the body.
• It also has an anti-aging effect which allows the inner organs to breathe. It helps to tone firming of the skin and also improves elasticity.
• It decreases the tension in muscles and leads to rheumatism.
• You get better sleep, and so you will find that your body rejuvenates while sleeping.
• It boosts the immune system and also activates the blood circulation.
• Most importantly it makes you feel beautiful.

Now let’s take a look at the various stages of Hammam:

It is one of the best experiences for the whole body, and you should prepare for your sessions. You carry along your swimsuit, but that’s not always necessary. You can also take your flip-flops and not to mention a good towel, bathrobe, etc. Hammam means ‘hot water’ in Arabic, and if you decide to travel to one, you will find two to four rooms of different temperature and density. The first thing that you will come across is that Hammam is heated and is 100% water saturated, and it increases as you go from one room to another with the temperature reaching 50 degree Celsius. These rooms are maintained at a different temperature to activate the blood in circulation.

If you are suffering from cold, then Hammam facilitates respiration be releasing the sinus and the nasal routes. It also helps in relieving muscle pain that is caused by rheumatism. It is ideal when you are stressed, tired, physically and morally after the workout or to find a relaxing environment.
The critical stages of Hammam bath are:

• Hydration
• Black soap ritual
• Keesa glove exfoliation
• Rhassoul clay
• Steam bath

In The End
Hammam bath is good and if you are looking for a Morrocan bath Dubai, look for one that offers a hygienic environment and is premium. You will surely like to enjoy your bath to most!


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