What Type of Bail Bonds does a Court Receive?  


A Brief Note

When the situation comes where there is a requirement of paying bail, one has to keep in mind that there are options regarding payment methods. A bail is decided during a bail trial. If the court is confident that the defendant will not take a chance of flight, risk and is not a danger to the community, they will post a bail determined by the seriousness of the crime. After the bail amount is decided, the person needs to figure out how to pay for it.
There are three types of bail payment methods that a court accepts— cash bail, property bail, and surety bonds. Let us delve deeper into understanding these three types.

Cash Bail

Cash bail is considered to be the simplest way of paying for bail; however, it is not the most affordable yet. This is where a person needs to pay the entire bail amount in the form of cash. With this type of payment, an individual does not need to hire a bail bondsman as all you have to do is pay in cash. If a person does not have the full amount of the bail, then it will not be possible to use this type of payment. There will be needed to look at other options to pay for the bail.

Property Bail

This is a sort of bail bond that can be done by involving a bail bondsman. People can use Hempstead NY Bail Bonds if they do not have cash on hand, but do have equity held in a home, car or other property. They can use these resources (any of them) as collateral for the payment of assets bail. A lien will be placed in the homes or other properties which will be used as collateral. If the defendant does not arrive on its date of appearance to the court, then the property will be needed to collect by the bail bondsman.

Surety Bonds

These bonds are one of the most common types of bail bonds that are handled by professional bail bondsmen. For surety bonds, people are required to pay a percentage of the bond and some fees that is needed to be taken care of. Then the concerned persons sign a pledge which states that the rest of the bond is required to be paid if the defendant does not appear in court at the right time. When depending on the defendant’s criminal record, this can easily be done through a reputable bail bond agency.

No matter which option of payment is chosen, the people need to remember that when to pay bail for someone else, it is part of payer’s responsibility to make sure that the defendant arrives in court at the time of the trial. If they do not arrive, then the bail payer will be required to pay the entire bail, and he/she will not be able to retrieve any of the payments made to the court. So, to ensure you are not risking your money, contact David Jakab for Hempstead NY Bail Bonds Services.

In Conclusion

Risking your money and future during as critical a situation as bail is definitely not a good idea. Unless you have a fortune at your hand to pay cash for a bail, contact David Jakab for Hempstead NY Bail Bonds. Our expert bail bondsmen ensure that you are rest assured of the bail and there is nothing to worry about. Sip your coffee and your bail has been taken care of.


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