Interesting Facts on Surveillance Investigators in California

There are several types of investigators in California for you to choose from whenever you need case handled. Surveillance investigators in California are part of this group that features many configurations. Some agencies are effectively one man shows while others are teams of various investigators who are adept at different types and/or aspects of private investigations.

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What Is A Surveillance Investigator?

A surveillance investigator is an investigation professional adept in the art of close observation of people, objects, and places. The aim of this observation is to identify and document the subjects’ interaction, contacts, and whereabouts. This type of investigation is often employed in cases involving infidelity investigations, child custody investigations, missing person investigations, recurrent theft investigations, vandalism investigations, and workers’ compensation fraud investigations.

Surveillance can serve any of the myriad purposes which include gathering facts and evidence as well as preventing criminal activities. Surveillance is also useful in criminal and civil cases. It is a function which requires great training, expertise, and access to the right tools of the trade. There are, however limitations on how far an investigator can go in conducting their surveillance mission. For a start, the investigator cannot follow and watch the subject openly as this is tantamount to harassment. The investigator has to be discreet in everything they do and avoid detection at all costs as this compromises the whole investigation.

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The investigator can also not speak to other people, whether workmates, relatives, or friends of the subject except for simple requirements such as their address. It is also illegal to climb trees and zoom into private residences for the purposes of surveillance. There is a huge list of dos and don’ts which is the reason why the practice is best left to professionals. It is also the reason why the professional are required to be insured as they tread on a very thin line. Lawsuits against investigators are a common occurrence.

The Importance of Your Choice

The importance of making the right choice cannot be emphasized enough. You have to make the right choice in respect of the legal status of the investigator as well as their quality. The points to look at are licensing, areas of specialization, experience in the relevant field, insurance/bond, and possession of the right tools for the trade such a collection of easy-to-forget cars, cameras, disguises, and more.


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