How to Decide the Quality of a Cigar?

“There are two things a man never forgets – his first love and his first cigar.” – John Bain

Cigars are always a cool and timeless way to enjoy the best smoke. They are the biggest representation of the ways things used to be. Whether it is to keep you cool during a poker game or enjoy some ‘me time’, cigars are the best companion to have the most satisfying smoke ever. Irrespective of the occasion, smoking a cigar just makes the things better, and every cigar lover would accept this fact.

There are some essential points for a good cigar purchase, every fan of cigar should know.

Cigar’s wrapper

Wrapper tells you a lot about cigars and decides the way you are going to enjoy the smoke. Ideally, the wrapper shouldn’t be loose where it is rolled. In addition, it shouldn’t be damaged or has any cracks. Presence of cracks tells that cigar is too dry. Though there is nothing very wrong about a dry cigar, it may take a long time to give a good smoke. Cracks may also leave bits of wrapper in your mouth or in worst case make it impossible to smoke.
The type of cigar wrapper signals the taste notes present in the cigar; for example, the famous Rocky Patel cigars are made of Habano wrapper which originates from Nicaragua and are amongst the most searched for cigars in the world.

Pay attention to the sound

From the sound of cigars, we mean how it sounds when you roll it between your fingers. Though, it is often looked upon as a poor way to decide the quality, it is somewhat a discreet method to judge a cigar. If the cigar sounds crunch when you roll it between your thumb and index finger, the cigar is likely to be very dry to smoke right away. If it doesn’t make a noise at all, it may be too moist. However, it makes a soft rustling sound – your cigar is perfect to go with.


The firmness of the cigar is decided by how tightly or loosely tobacco leaves have been wrapped. When you squeeze it softly, there should be a bit of giving in the cigar. If it is too hard, it may be either too dry or very tightly rolled. When the roll is too tight, tobacco leaves are compact, and you are not able to enjoy a good smoke.

To have a satiating smoke, it is important that you choose your cigar wisely.


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