Child Support Modification in Georgia

While every state or every country has different laws for child support, it is temporary and subject to change in most of the cases. If one or the other party experiences certain change in circumstances, the amount of payment can also be changed.
If we talk about child support modification in Georgia, the following reasons are considered before issuing a warrant of child support modification.

When is a Warrant of Child Support Modification Issued?

• The paying party suddenly becomes unemployed

• The party becomes sick or disabled

• Increase in the income of the paying parent

• A change in custody of the child

• Sudden rise in the cost of living

• A parent receives extra income through remarriage

• The requirement of the child increases

The above points conclude that Child support modification is usually allowed if the parties show a change in financial status or becomes ill involuntarily. As child support is directly dependent on parental income, a change in any of the parent’s earnings provides a good reason to modify support. However, parents who voluntarily quit their job for avoiding child support can face an imputation of income order.


The Department of Human Resources can however, review and modify child support orders periodically.

While the parties can sign an agreement in an uncontested case, they cannot do the same in contested case.

When Do You Need An Attorney?

Hence, you might need an attorney if:

• It is a contested case and your opponent has a lawyer.

• You cannot serve your opponent with papers.

• You fear of losing the custody of your children.

• You might find it hard to get essential documents from your ex-spouse.

• The children or the custodial parent are not in Georgia.

There are various firms which offers child support modification in Georgia. These law firms help their clients to achieve justice. You may rely on these organizations for the change of custody in favor of the child.

Where to Find Firms Offering Child Support Modification in Georgia?

The law surrounding child support modification is quite complex. You can rely on directories, internet and reference from friends to find a firm with child support modification services.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for child support modification services, you may begin talking to your co-parent for deciding on a new amount. Don’t forget to get the agreement in writing after you and your child’s other parent settle on a certain amount.

Child support modification agreement should be taken to court so that the judge issues a new order for the agreed amount. The court would approve the child support agreement if it meets the best interest of the child.


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