Boombox Brewstreet - the Perfect Place for Food and Fun

Life can be busy and messy at times. You need to take time out from your busy schedule and give your body and mind the much-needed break. Work is important but keeping your mind and body fresh is also important. If you keep doing your work without getting proper rest or relaxing time then several health issues may occur in future. Nowadays, Delhi/NCR has several places where people can visit and spend a relaxing or fun time. A restaurant or dining place is the best place for people who love to eat.
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If you live or work in Gurgaon then Boombox Brewstreet is the perfect dining place for you. It is located in the sector-29 main market and famous for its wide variety of Italian, Chinese, North Indian, American and Lebanese food. You will instantly feel a change in your mood after entering due to its nicely done interior and ambiance. They have done a splendid job in designing the interior. The walls are decorated with posters of popular rock stars from the bygone era. Inside the restaurant-cum-bar, you will find a large bar, a separate room for smoking and nice & clean restrooms. It can usually accommodate around 120 people. Apart from normal tables, you will get large tables along with sofas to cater to the large group of people.


Let’s talk about the food and drinks, shall we! The most popular food items are veggie pizza, chicken biryani, butter chicken and chicken tikka. Now, coming to the drinks Wheat Beer is a unique beer available at Boombox Brewstreet. It’s their best seller and people just love it for its unique taste. Boombox Special beer is another one that gives it a tough competition. Apart from that, various Premium drinks are also available to quench your thirst. You can watch live sports and pay with any debit/credit cards. They also accept digital wallets.

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The place is perfect to escape from your busy life and let your mind relax with awesome food and drinks. The music and the atmosphere will definitively keep you in a happier state. Visit Boombox Brewstreet and have a great time.


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