3 Key Things Translators Consider When Translating a Document


So, you think Arabic sentences are always longer than their English translation, right?

Sometimes, you are right, at other times wrong.


It’s a misconception.

The so-called text extension does occur when it comes to Arabic translation, but it’s not always the case.

The point is: what is the standard metric of translators when they judge the quality of Arabic translation or other languages for that matter?

Grammar & Structure

After checking accuracy, the translation service calls for grammar and structure. The work of a translator is never considered quality work if the grammar and structure are wrongly used.

The translators have to meet several technical challenges of difference between the true meaning of the text and structural accuracy. This may lead to a blunder of mistakes in translation over the use of adverbs and proper use of adjectives.

A good translator considers how active and passive voices strengthen or weaken the impact of every statement. Wrong structure and grammatical error can change the entire meaning of a particular sentence.

That’s why it’s important to look for the best Arabic Translation Companies as they can make it a point to resolve the structure and grammatical errors. In addition, the translators evaluate the translation done accurately. Professional Translation Company hires experienced translators. They focus on the basic knowledge of the language.

Checking Accuracy

According to Arabic Translation Companies, checking out accuracy is the first task of professional translators. They ensure that the meaning of the sentences does not change. The message should be the same, the main text and the sub-points should also remain the same. The translator renders the document in the language you ask them to translate.

For this, expertise in the Arabic language and the language in which the document is translated is a must.

Translating a document or website or certificate is not that easy. It requires intelligence as the issues may arise in composing one-on-on replacements. Professional translators focus on localization and cultural factor while translating a document. They ensure how different expression may be used to explain the same thoughts in the Arabic translation. They try to make alternatives that actually help the message reach the target audience more effectively.

Style and the Language

Last, but not least, a translation company considers the style and the language when translating a document. These are more common issues where translators essentially seem to lay more emphasis. They need to be more creative when translating from Arabic to another language and vice versa.

Precisely speaking, The Arabic language comes with modern and classical modes of its own combined with local varieties.
So, when looking out for an Arabic translation agency, it’s important to consider whether the company you want to make a deal reserves the style of the source or just use its own style. If the style of the source is fair enough, you should make a contract with the translation company. In general, such things make the whole Arabic translation process more professional and stable.


From what has been mentioned above, it is obvious that translation service is not a child’s play. The translator has to deal with a lot of work. When searching for an Arabic translation agency, you should focus on the experienced, certification and quality of service provided by the company. Choose on that has decades of industry experience, an ISO certified company and have served major clients. With such a translation company, it’s easy to translate your document, software, website, etc.


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